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APQS Machine Options

Power Fabric Advance

The Power Fabric Advance with foot pedal control lets you advance or back up your quilt with the push of a button or a toe tap on the foot pedal. The motorized advance turns the pick up roller to move your quilt ahead, saving time.

The power fabric advance feature is available on all Millennium and Freedom machines for $1,350.

Quilt Glide

Quilt easier with the APQS Quilt Glide feature. Quilt Glide combines manual sewing mode and stitch regulation mode to give you accuracy and consistency without that "jerky" feeling that is common when trying to do detail quilting in regulator mode alone.

When engaged, the Quilt Glide keeps the needle moving up and down in stitch regulation mode, even when you stop moving the quilting machine. Since the needle continues to stitch when the Quilt Glide is on, you'll feel like you're gliding through your design like smooth pen strokes.

Add the Quilt Glide feature to your new Millennium or Freedom for only $1,250. (The feature can also be retrofit to any 2008 or newer Millennium.)

Bliss Drive System

Bliss - it's the only word we could find that could describe the "floating on air" feeling you'll get when you quilt with our exclusive drive system.

The Bliss Drive System dramatically reduces friction and increases ease of movement. Combine this with an APQS Millennium or Freedom sewing head, and you'll feel like you're gliding across your quilt effortlessly.

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Hydraulic table

The optional hydraulic lift is available as an upgrade to our standard table. It enables you to adjust table height with the push of a button. Front rollers on the table are set up above tabletop level to make it easier to load quilts and provide the option of sitting on a stool at the front side of the table when doing intricate detail work on a quilt.

The cost of the Hydraulic table is $1,500.

Professional set-up & delivery

With our professional set-up & delivery we will set-up the table where you want it. Assemble your new quilting machine. Make table and wheel adjustments as needed. We will also install bobbin, thread and the needle and provide one-on-one basic training in your home.

Set-up and delivery is $500.

Hartley Base Expander

Hartley Base Expanders are available for machines with and without  a Thread Cutter (please specify if your machine has a Thread Cutter when ordering).

The Base Expander provides a stable bed when using guides to stitch in the ditch and outline various shapes.The Hartley Base Expander includes one straight edge guide with tapered handles.The base slides onto the throat of your machines without the necessity for clamps.

The guide's handle helps eliminate the danger of sliding around or slipping under your needle while stitching. The Hartley Base Expander was designed for APQS machines only.  Additional guides are also available.
Price: $120-$130

Hartley Fence

The Fence is a longarm quilting attachment that enables you to quilt perfect diagonal lines, circles and intricate designs. The Hartley Fence includes a fully adjustable fence guide with metal straight edge that will not warp or wear, an idler arm and wheel for friction-free transfer capabilities and positive-locking brake assembly so the Fence is held securely while stitching diagonals or circles. Also includes, circle attachment for making any size circle up to 22 inches in diameter. Installtion is simple and easily attaches to the rails of quilting machine.  Parts are made from anodized aluminum. Instructions Included. 

Price: $595.

Overhead lighting

The overhead lighting bar attaches to your APQS table and provides a dependable light source that illuminates your workspace. Being able to see your quilting area well is the first step in getting great quilting results!

The overhead lighting feature is available for Millennium and Freedom machines for an additional $795.

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